Engineering and Shop Detailing

Quality Tank has the capibility to design, calculate, and shop detail almost all API Storage Tank requirements for our clients. Taking into consideration that we do not supply a subcontract service to design, calculate, and or shop detail for other contractor requirements. Our engineering staff will complete Quality Tank's design/engineering projects in the required construction schedule as to meet our construction requirements.

Shop Fabrication and Associated Services

Our shop fabrication facility is in the final stages of construction, in which Quality Tank is preparing the a 5,500 square foot shop for all tank construction fabrication needs. Our shop will be capable of only providing the best quality fabrications for the field or shop erected storage tanks.

API Aboveground Storage Tanks

Whether you require a Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel API 650 or API 620 Storage Tank, Quality Tank has the experience to complete all your fabrication requirements from 12' Diameter to 200' Diameter. The API code mandates that all welding conform to ASME Section IX, which in turn, all Quality Tank's welding procedures for this type of construction have been produced to meet these specific requirements.

Non Code Certified Tank Construction

In the cases of construction were the tank is being put into service mainly as a structure support to encase air or heat requirements, Quality Tank refers to this construction as a non code certified tank. These vessels are mostly fabricated as incinerators for burning debris, and foul gas storage. These types of Vessels fall into the Canadian Welding Bureau's umbrella as mostly a structure to encase. All welding and design shall be in accordance with the CWB's W59 code. Quality Tank has the applicable welding certification to meet this type of construction requirement.

Stacks, Ductwork, and Scrubbers

Taking into consideration that tank construction activities involve platework that is rolled and welded together to complete required fabrications, it only makes sense to have stacks, ductwork, and scrubbers supplied and erected by only the best skilled tradesmen in that field. Stacks, Ductwork, And Scrubbers are all fabrication components that require this knowledge for construction. Quality has experienced management and supervisory staff that can predict proper knock down of components for site installations. Most all these types of fabrications require a CWB certification for this work.

Floating Roofs and Geodesic Dooms

Quality Tank as experience in the installation of these speciality components for storage tanks. Whether your requirement is a exterior pontoon floating roof completely exposed to the elements or an internal aluminum pontoon floating roof our qualitfied personell have the experience required for these installations.

Silos, Chutes, and Support Structures

Should you require a welded or bolted storage capability, let Quality Tank help you construct your end vision. All these platework fabrications fall under the Quality Tank construction umbrella. Give Quality Tank the opppurtunity to supply and or install these requirements.