Stainless Steel Demineralized Water Tank

Quality Tank Inc. was contracted by CF Industries in Sarnia to Supply and Install a 35ft Diameter X 38' High Demineralized Water Tank which began in the middle of October 2011 and was completed in December 2011. The stainless steel tank was fabricate

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Newmarket Power Plant

Raw Water Tank was constructed from base up to last course. A separate section of the top course and the complete self supported roof was jigged up to complete the roof in one section from side to side. Once all welding was all the welding was comple

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Stainless Steel Clarifier

This clarifier was design by Ovivo Water. The clarifier was Stainless Steel Construction throughout. The clarifier was completed with a sloped internal floor, weir trough and center agitator.

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Georgetown Waste Water Treatment plant

Construction of the 65 ft diameter cover is complete. The cover was built in place on the corbals of the concrete tank. The cover will float on waste gas generated from the treatment process.

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